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Tisha Shelley Edgar Allan Paw


Edgar Allan Paw was established when it became clear that pet care in South East Asia has a long way to go to meet basic western standards. With this in mind, a business that supplies everything you could want or need for healthy pet care sprung up in Phnom Penh. 

Not only do we provide care, support and products for dogs and cats, we also have a safe space for you and your dog to have a coffee, a meal and to socialise. Pet care is our number one priority and we strive to ensure you want for nothing in raising and taking care of your furry family members.

What can you expect to find?

  • Healthy, good quality diet options for dogs and cats. This includes raw, cooked and processed food types. - Healthy treats: both cookie, dehydrated and locally made items to internationally imported items. 
  • Toys both educational and plain old fun. 
  • Home: items to compliment your home and your pets comfort, including beds, mats, blankets, furniture etc. 
  • Apparel: items to make your dog's life easier and safer including stress-less vests, high visibility jackets, rain jackets and more. 
  • Health: we provide a range of health care products including shampoo's, soaps, flea and tick repellent, vitamins, supplements and more. 
  • The grossness: Sounds odd, but we all know our pets like gross things, so you can buy all sorts of treats like green tripe, raw bones, offal, whole animals and stinky fish - all very good for your pet!

Edgar Allan Paw Partner  - Fair Sew

Edgar AllanPaw & Fairsew have worked together to create a range of products specifically design and tested for life in Cambodia. We have focused on usability, style and quality. Fairsew treats its employees fairly by providing them with a safe working environment, offers benefits well above the minimum levels for garment workers in Cambodia and gives staff opportunities for further learning and development.

Fairsew deals fairly with its clients through open and clear communication and commitment to transparency in supply chain for the purchasers of their products.

Fairsew is fair to the environment by minimizing wastage, using recycled fabrics where possible and avoids the use of toxic materials.
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Edgar Allan Paw Partner - Cambodia Knits

Edgar Allan Paw & Cambodia Knits partnered in order to develop a cute, fun and stylish range of toys for your cats and small pups.  It is important to us that not only do we keep our furry friends healthly, but we have fun with them too!

 Cambodia Knits (CK) is a social enterprise working with marginalized communities in and near Phnom Penh. Our goal is to produce beautiful, high quality and unique hand-made products while providing fair and flexible employment opportunities
CK produces a cute and lovable range of hand-knitted and crocheted woolen toys; we’ve been creating animals and monsters since 2009, adding finger puppets, magnets and more along the way. Our focus is on creating quality products with quality materials—making sure each individual piece receives the same care and attention that we hope you will give once you take it home!
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