HH Rates

House Of Hounds Rates

At House Of Hounds we understand that there are many different needs and wants of our customers; both furry or two legged! With that in mind we have our basic rates that include a snack, some personal time for your dog and a full day of fun and mayhem in our lush garden right here in Tonle Bassac. 

From here you are able to purchase add-ons to make your pup's experience even more special and give you a much needed break from some of the tasks you may hate!

  • Half Day (7am - 9am drop off 11am pick up/2pm drop off, 4:30 - 6:45 pickup) $7 one dog, $12 two dogs
  • Full Day (7am - 9am drop off, 4:30 - 6:45 pickup) $12 one dog, $20 two dogs
  • Weekly (7am - 9am drop off, 4:30 - 6:45 pickup daily, M - F) $50 per dog
  • Late pickup draws an overstay fee of $5 per 15 minutes unless pre arranged with staff at or before dropoff
  • Any pup who is not collected by 7:30 will be admitted as a boarder including late fees and boarding fees to be collected during pickup times the following day unless previously arrange with staff at or before dropoff
  • Dogs who arrive without a previous booking or confirmation of booking may be charged at double the fee

Add On Serivces

  • One Meal taken from our EAP Dog menu feed at your request $3 small dogs, $5 large dogs
  • Birthday treat or special occasion meal including a fresh lightly grilled beef steak! $10
  • Outdoor on leash walk (approved dogs only - 1/2 an hour in dog safe area) $7
  • De-shedding brush (15 mins) $5
  • Wash & Wear bath with Edgar Allan Paw's Dirty Dog Soap $10, + apple cider vinegar rinse (for fleas, ticks and skin care) $3
  • T-Touch Coconut Oil Massage ( 1/2 an hour, a bath is included afterwards!) $25
  • Ear Cleaning with natural ear cleaner $5
  • Nail Clipping (coming soon)
  • Teeth Cleaning with home made natural teeth cleaner $5
  • Tick Removal (case by case basis) $5 - $50 dependent of size of dog and volume of ticks
  • Private playtime (one on one time and attention for your pup away from the group) $3 for 15 mins 
  • Tuktuk ride for your pet around town (20mins), because some dogs love the wind in their fur! $7
  • Trip to the Groomer or Vet for regular/basic check up's etc tuktuk fare +$5 (please note this includes only triennial vaccinations.)

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