Building out your pet's health care collection of products can be a nightmare in the kingdom of wonder, With this fact in mind, EAP provides you with a great choice of health items, supplements and natural alternatives to the chemical treatments you see at the vet. 

There is a lot you can be doing at home to ensure your pet's health is optimum. We can supply you with everything from Ear Cleaner to Natural Anti Flea and Tick collars and sprays. There is no end to the natural supplements we carry and our collection is ever growing. 

Below you can find our current variety of items available for order, all you need do is select the product you want. We will collate your total bill and provide you with the total amount. Please note all items are subject to availability.
Health Care at EAP

The general day to day care of your pet far extends from just their diet and it's up to you make sure they are well taken care of from snout to paw. 

The range of options available to you are sourced with natural ingredients, top quality production and reliable results in mind. Develop your pet's care box with some awesome products from EAP.

Available for Purchase
  1. Omega Paw Chewing Solution $10
  2. Omega Itchy Spray $14
  3. Omega Ear Cleaner $10
  4. Auri Cleans Ear Solution $7
  5. Earthbath Ear Wipes $12
  6. Petzlife Oral Care Tooth Gel $25
  7. Colloidal Silver 550mL $20
  8. Richard's Pet Calm Drops $12
  9. i-FurSkin & Coat Supplement $8
  10. Citronella Bug Repellent Spray $9
  11. Furry Anti Fungal Spray $4
  12. Pet Corrector Air Spray $15
  13. Sukina Pet Wipes L $6, S $3
  14. PetMe Prebiotc Electrolyte $1
  15. Prema Lac Complete Milk Powder for Puppies & Kittens 400g $5
  16. Sterilized Goats Milk tin $3
  17. Petmate Poo Bags (8 pack) $11
  18. Furminator Short S $37, Long M $43, Short M $43

Worried about providing your pet with all of the goodies they need in their diet? Concerned your homemade cooked meals might be lacking in some essential nutrients, enzymes and minerals?

Luckily, you can find a great stock of items to add to meals here at EAP. Bump up everything from calcium to antioxidants by simply throwing in a dash of supplements! 

Available for Purchase
  1. Spirulina Powder 100g $15
  2. Spirulina Sprinkles 100g $16
  3. Moringa Powder 30g $3
  4. Eggshell Powder 50g $4
  5. Brewers Yeast 50g $4
  6. Golden Paste $8
  7. Coconut Oil 250mL $10, 500mL $13.5
  8. Turmeric Powder $2

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