Our range of homeware options are the perfect addition to your home. With quality and style in mind, you'll find a great combination of fabrics, options for sleep, travel and lounging. We work with local producers, Fairsew; here in Phnom Pehn to create a cohesive range that you are able to mix and match for your home or work. You pet will be grateful for the comfort and you will appreciate the thought and consideration in our EAP home collection.

Below you can find our current variety of items available for order, all you need do is select the product you want. We will collate your total bill and provide you with the total amount. Please note all items are subject to availability.
Pet Mats 

EAP locally produced and designed pet mats provide a layer of comfort for your pampered pooch or kitty who likes a comfortable barrier between them and the hard floor. 

Our pet mats are fantastic because they are machine washable, stylish and provide protection for your pets elbows and joints from the concrete or tiled floor. 

We carry a range of pattern options and sizes to suit you, and all of our mats are designed to fit inside a crate easily.

Available for Purchase

  1. Mat M $30, L $35                                  M 50cm x 60cm                                    L 70cm x 90cm

Colour options

  1. Black/grey/white mottle - Black and white stripe
  2. Toucan on turquoise - pink w/grey dots
  3. Fly Fishing feathers on brown - leopard print.
  4. Olive/black bamboo - black w/grey dots
  5. Navy Blue Akira Style - blue & white tattoo print

Pet Beds

EAP Pet beds are the next level in comfort and style for your home and for your pet. There are a lot of horrible, cheaply made and garish pet beds out there are we want to give you a better option!

Pet beds are water resistant (will withstand most accidents bar throwing them in a pool of water!), and filled with the natural fibre, Kapok. You can also buy covers separately as they are machine washable!
Available for Purchase
  1. Pet Beds S $40, M $50 L $60          S:  35cm x 50cm                                 M:  50cm x 70cm                                   L: 70cm x 100 cm                                                
  2. Pet Bed Covers Only                         S $25, M $27, L $30
Please contact us directly for colour options as we sell out fast!

Car Blankets

EAP Car Blankets are produced to make travel with your pet painless, comfortable and cute! 

Each blanket is made to fit the back seat of most cars, and comes with straps to put around the head rests in a back seat. This is to ensure your blanket stays put, no matter how long the journey. 

Choose from a range of colours and see your pet blanket rolled and ready for your next trip away. Your taxi driver will thank you!

Available for Purchase
  1. Car Blanket $50                                    120cm x 150cm                                   
Colour Options
  1. Toucan on turquoise - pink w/grey dot
  2. Olive/black bamboo - black w/grey dots
  3. Navy Blue Akira Style - blue & white tattoo print
Crochet Pet Beds

EAP crochet beds are a cute option for smaller dogs or cats who like to sleep in circular state. 

We have partnered with a local Social Enterprise called Cambodia Knits to create a ethical option for your pampered pet.  So you can purchase both for their comfort and your piece of mind.

You are able to choose from three colours and know that these beds are made from quality yarn, and stuffed to ensure they hold their shape.

Available for Purchase
  1. Crochet Bed $45                                  40cm wide        
Colour Options
  1. Green & Purple
  2. Red & Yellow
  3. Blue & Brown
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