Harness, Collar, Leash, Wear

Harness, Collar, Leash, Wear

If you’re in the market for a collar, leash, harness or raincoat for your cat, puppy or dog, you will find a great selection of both international brands, and locally produced EAP products.

To help you make the best decision for your pet, we provide some of the most common types of dog collars and harnesses below. If you are not sure which option is right for you, speak to us about size fit and what is best for your pup. We can make a recommendation based on your dog or cat's needs. 

Simply add your choices to your order and email us for your final bill amount, and package delivery date.  

Harnesses For Your Dog

When you're out and about with your pup, a harness provides you with a safer and less stressful way to tether your dog by leash. 

A Harness provides less potential damage to your dog's neck, and more evenly distributes weight. It can allow better control on your dog depending on your style and how your dog is training to walk. 
Available for Purchase
  1. Step in, clip between shoulder blades (see above) This style comes in various colours and styles priced between $10 and $35 depending on your choice. Contact us to discuss availability and size.
  2. Around shoulders and, ribs, T bar connector (See on our model and pic 1). This style comes in a myriad of colours and sizes and is always available. Price between $7 and $15. Contact to discuss size.

At EAP, we believe collars should be safe for your cat or dog and other dogs they play with, a good fit, have it look good and be functional!

No matter your need or taste we have collars to suit, from our fashion collars made right here in Cambodia to our reflective, heavy duty clip collars. We also have martingale collars and cat collars too!

Check out our range of leather collars with matching leashes as well as our EAP waterproof line new to store. 
Available for Purchase
  1. EAP Fashion Collars (pictured above) $12
  2. EAP Water Resistant xs/s $12, M,L $14
  3. EAP Cutie XS Collars $12
  4. Puppy/Cat Collars Basic $5
  5. Leather Collar (as seen on model) w/Brass Buckles: 18' $18, 20' $20, 22' $24, 24' $26 
  6.  Reflective Durable Collars Yellow/Grey or Blue/Purple S $8, M $12, L $16
  7. Petmate Cat Collar, Safety Clasp seen in first pic) $5
  8. Paisley Collar Bell $3
  9. Petmate Mix and Match Collars 8' - 12' $6, 10' - 14' $9, 14' - 20' $12


Leashes can provide a safe and sturdy way to make sure your pet is tethered and not able to get into trouble! 

It is important to choose the right leash for your pet's needs so they are comfortable and happy on it. 

It is also important for their safety and well being when outside due to the threat of traffic, street dogs and crazy Moto's!
 Available For Purchase
  1. EAP Fashion Leashes (pictured center) $18
  2. Small Puppy/Cat/Small Dog Leash (pictured far left) $7
  3. Leather Braided Leash (seen above) $40
  4. Leather Thin Long Leash $18
  5. Leather Med Short Seash $28
  6. Remington Green & White Leash Long $20
  7. Running Bungee Leash (clips around body) $16
  8. Double Clip Leash for Two Dogs $16
  9. Flexi Retractable Leashes 
Practical Fashion

There is often good reason to consider some fashion items for your pet, especially in this case where each piece has a practical application. 

EAP's very own Boss Dog Joe, inspired each item and if you have an active or stressed dog you will find our range of great benefit!

Made right here in Phnom Penh by our partners at Fairsew, you can feel good knowing your items are well made, reliable and ethically sourced.
Available for Purchase
  1. EAP Rain Coats, Water resistant for light to medium showers.           Sizes XS - L  $30
  2. EAP Hi-Visibility Jacket, made with netting for breathability and reflective tape for walking your dog in the evening or in the countryside. Sizes XS - L $30
  3. EAP StressLess Vest, designed to reduce the stress your pet feels  from travel, thunder, lightening, fireworks and more. With it's swaddling affect and soft fabric you will see your pet visibly relax once wearing it.                                       Sizes XS - L $30
Fun Fashion

Everyone likes to have some cute options for their pet so we have a small range of tops to compliment your pet's good looks and charisma!

Why not outfit your pug in a bikini shirt, or your beagle in a Hawaiian number? You also have to love a pet bandanna too, it's a great way to dress up your dog in contemporary colours and style!
Available for Purchase

  1. Hawaiian Shirt  $8
  2. Bikini Top $6
  3. Various Patterned Top $7
  4. Pet Bandanna SM $6, ML $8
Contact us to confirm what sizes are best for your pup or cat.
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