Pet Food

Pet Food

Pet food is the cornerstone to your pet's whole body health, happiness and a long life. It's so important when considering your pet's diet you take the time to source high quality, meat as the first ingredient food. The best bit is you don't have to go far to find it! Edgar Allan Paw source only top rated and highest quality dry food with overall pet health in mind. 

Below you can find our dry and wet food options, all you need do is select the brand, flavor and size you want. We will collate your total bill and provide you with the total amount. Please note all food is subject to availability 
Pinnacle Dog Food.

Formulated for total health and well being Pinnacle limited ingredient dog food contain only high quality proteins and hand selected vegetables for the ultimate in nutrition and health.

This food is listed as one of the top ten best dog food's available in the word far surpassing that of veterinary diets. See the benefit yourself and transition your dog today!

Available for Purchase
  1. Chicken & Vegetable Dry & Wet  
  2. Salmon & Potato Dry & Wet
  3. Turkey & Potato Dry & Wet
  4. Duck & Sweet Potato Dry & Wet 
  5. Trout & Sweet Potato Dry
  • 1.81KG ($30 - $32)
  • 5.44KG ($52 - $55)
  • 10.89KG ($87 - $92)
  • Cans 369grams ($4)

Avoderm Pet Food.

AvoDerm Natural Pet Food receives the Pet Food Advisor’s second-highest tier rating of an average of 4 out of 5 stars.

AvoDerm premium dog and cat food formulas are loaded with high quality meat proteins, wholesome grains, antioxidant nutrients plus vitamins and minerals for inside health and California avocados for healthy skin and coat on the outside.

Available for Purchase
  1. Dog - Brown Rice & Chicken (weight control) Dry 
  2. Dog - Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Dry
  3. Dog - Trout & Pea Dry
  4. Cat - Chicken & Herring Dry
  5. Cat - Salmon & brown Rice Dry
  6. Kitten - Chicken Dry
  7. Cat Grain Free Wet- Salmon/Chicken, Chicken/Duck, Tuna/Chicken, Chicken Chunks 
  8. Cat Wet - Ocean Fish, Chicken
  • Dog Dry - 2 KG ($23 - $30)
  • Cat Dry - 1.6 KG ($25 - $27), 5KG ($50 - $60)
  • Cat Grain Free Wet - 85 gram ($2)
  • Cat Wet - 156 gram ($4)

Earthborn Holistic  Pet Food

Earthborn Holistic is advanced alternative nutrition for dogs and cats.

We've combined the highest quality holistic ingredients to nourish your pet. We've selected the finest proteins, fats, fruits and vegetables, along with a complex blend of vitamins and minerals to support energy, immunity, health and wellness.

Every ingredient has a unique purpose and is carefully balanced to provide maximum benefit and nutrition.
Available for Purchase
  1. Dog Grain Free - Primitve Natural Dry
  2. Dog Grain Free - Coastal Catch Dry
  3. Dog - Ocean Fusion Dry
  4. Dog - Puppy Vantage Dry
  5. Dog - Small Breed Dry
  6. Cat  Grain Free - Wild Sea Catch
  7. Cat Grain Free - Primitive Feline
  • Dog Dry - 2.5 KG ($30 - $35), 6KG ($55), 12 KG ($105)
  • Cat Dry - 2.27 KG ($35)

Pronature Pet Food

Inspired by the traditional Mediterranean, Asian and Nordic diets, each Pronature Pet Food is a combination of the freshest healthiest ingredients. It's global love of eating in a bowl. Each embodies generations of traditional wisdom at its core. 

Why grain free and a single source of protein? Because you know your pet.
While domesticated animals have evolved to eat many of the same foods we do, individual pets may still have trouble efficiently digesting grains. And we use a single source of protein to make choosing the formula your pet likes best, easy.

Available for Purchase
  1. Dog Grain Free - Duck a l'Orange
  2. Puppy - Chicken & Sweet Potato
  3. Cat Grain Free - Duck a l'Orange
  4. Kitten - Chicken & Sweet Potato
  • Dog Dry - 2.7 KG ($33), 13.6KG ($95)
  • Cat & Kitten Dry - 2.27 KG ($33)

Various Pet Food Options

At EAP, we know the importance of offering a variety of items so you can figure out the best combination for your pet. With this in mind we source highly rated dog and cat foods and meal mixers. We will always strive to provide you with amazing and delicious food!

If you're in Phnom Penh we are also able to offer you items from our own home made pet food. With the co-operation of Pet Nutritionists both in Australia, The US and Canada we were able to put together a rotational diet containing a variety of proteins, bone and organ matter; as well as supplements and veggies! All options are cooked to provide the maximum amount of goodness and taste, no preservatives, salt, sugar or by product. 
Available for Purchase

  1. Holistic Select Feline Grain Free 156grams Various Flavours $4
  2. Wellness Minced Grain Free          85 grams Various Flavours $3
  3. Stella & Chewy's  Freeze Dried Raw Meal Mixers (Chicken, Duck, Salmon) 3.5oz $16, 9oz $35
  4. EAP Frozen Dog Meal Menu 500 Grams $5
    1. Chicken - Thai Basil
    2. Duck - Beets - Honey
    3. Beef - Mango - Lentil
    4. Quail - Chickpea - Yogurt
    5. Quail - Apple - Ginger
    6. Rabbit - Sweet Potato - Spirulina
    7. Chicken - Tomato - Parsley
    8. Turkey - Duck egg - Cranberries                                  
  5. EAP Frozen Cat meal Menu 100 Grams $1
    1. Chicken - Fish - Moringa
    2. Chicken - Liver - Coconut Oil
    3. Duck  - Sardines
    4. Quail 

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