It is a fact that pets need toys. It replaces the activities that they would have experienced as wild animals or hard-working dogs. The toys that you choose should meet these needs and help pets to remain fit, healthy and well-adjusted. Also it is a wonderful way to interact with both you and other animals. Dogs need toys to provide mental stimulation, allow for appropriate chewing, and serve as important tools in behavior modification.

Toys are mentally and physically stimulating and assist in fulfilling a pet’s emotional and physical needs. Even though pets today are primarily bred as companion animals, they still need something to do. In the absence of a “job”, they will look for things to do to occupy their time and fulfill their chewing needs!

Below you can find our current variety of items available for order, all you need do is select the product you want. We will collate your total bill and provide you with the total amount. Please note all items are subject to availability.
Stuffed Toys 

Pet's love stuffed animals. How many of you have seen a puppy carrying around a stuffed animal almost as big as the puppy? Many pets like to play with stuffed animals, shaking, chewing and loving them. They also carry them around and use them as pillows while they are sleeping. Why? 

One theory is that dogs, especially retrievers, like carrying things in their mouth. Another is that they are practicing hunting when they shake the stuffed animals. 

Check out the toys we have in stock and keep a look out for new arrivals!
Available for Purchase

  1. Rascal Latex Birds (duck/chicken) 14' $16
  2. Zippie Paws Buddies (walrus, monkey, owl, moose) $10
  3. Amy Carol Cord & Flannel Dino $12
  4. Amy Carol Cord & Flannel Squirrel & Unicorn $12 seen in pic
  5. Amy Carol Rope Arm Alien (blue/yellow) $8
  6. JW Pet Crackle Heads (squirrel/lion) $8
  7. Zippy Paws Ballhead Ducks (yellow/blue/mallard) pictured here $8
  8. Zippy Paws Jigglers Sm (parrot/duck) $9, Lrg (dragon, red panda) $14
  9. EAP Dog Bone, seen in pic $10
  10. Spencer the Crinkle Monkey pink/purple $10
  11. Zippy Paws Donuts $7
  12. EAP Crinkly Face Toy $10
Cat Scratching Posts

Cat Scratching is Normal. Scratching is important and more complex than you may realize. Scratching serves many purposes. In addition to conditioning the claws, it’s a very effective way for the cat to stretch his back and shoulder muscles.

Knowing this need, EAP have put together some scratching options to suit you and your kitty cat. 
Available for Purchase
  1. Four Paws Make it yourself Cat Post, seen in pic $25                                 
  2. Small Fish Catch Scratcher $13
  3. EAP Made Cat Scratcher with white boards/black ribbon $25
  4. EAP Made Standing Catch Scratcher, pic seen above $55 (special order).

Cat Toys

With so many kitty's being companions to Cambodians and Expats alike, it's important we feature some cute and practical toys made just for them.

We take time and effort to provide options that are both fun, and stimulating to cats. From locally made crocheted items to internationally recognized brands we have a good selection for you.

Available for Purchase
  1. Zanies Catnip Characters $3
  2. EAP Catnip Mousies $7
  3. Crochet Fish/Crackle Spiders/Mice $3
  4. Crochet Ball With either bell or squeaker  $4
  5. Dangley Toys With Bell $4
  6. JW Wand with yellow feathers $8
  7. Jackson Galaxy Motor Mouse $6
  8. JW Cataction Feather Boa squeaker $5
  9. JW Pet Cataction stuffed and feathers (bird/squirrel/ racoon/skunk) $4
  10. AFP Crinkly Butterfly toy $4
Rope Toys

Tug rope is a favorite game for most active dogs, whether it's with you or another pup there is nothing more fun or exciting than pulling on a rope!

EAP has a wide variety of rope toy options, from knotted balls to braided nylon in bright colours all to suit your pet's play habits. 
Available for Purchase
  1. EAP Braided Jersey Variety Lengths $4  - $6
  2. Rogz Rope Ball Toy w/squeaker $17 - $20
  3. Twisted Rope Toys various styles and lengths, seen above $7 - $11
  4. Dogzilla Snarl Tug Med $12
Ball Toys

Keep your dog happy, active and entertained. Our fun, safe dog toys can help your pet release pent up energy, exercise his mind through creative problem solving, help prevent unwanted chewing and give him something to snuggle with. Explore our collection – and find the perfect dog toy for your pet.

EAP has a wide variety of ball toys options, from heavy duty rubber balls to small crocheted balls for puppies or small dogs
Available for Purchase
  1. JW Pet Crinkle Head Ball $10
  2. JW Pet Grass Ball Med $12
  3. JW Pet Arachnoid Ball. Sm $10
  4. ChuckIt Indoor Ball $9
  5. JW Pet Megalast Ball Sm $4, Med $6, Large $8
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