Pet Treats

Our treat selection is always changing at EAP. We can always guarantee a solid variety of fantastic and healthy treat options to make your pet drool. Both cats and dogs can enjoy natural, delicious and a nasty-free diet of treats, chews and bites. If you're interested in what else we have in stock get in touch and we can add it to your order easily. 

Simply add your choices to your order and email us for your final bill amount, and package delivery date.  
Zeal Pet Treats

Short of ‘organic’, Zeal Pet Treats have absolutely no ‘nasties’ – no vaccines, preservatives, hormones, steroids, antibiotics, coloring, flavoring, and are also non-HTP. We have a range of real dried Veal, Sheep and Venison meat and bone treats to choose from.

The products are treated with love and respect through the production process, adding a new dimension. Like a mother’s cooking, the unconditional love translates into the products, which dogs can sense. In this way, you can return your pet's unconditional love with Zeal!
Available for Purchase
  1. Venison Shanks 450gr $12
  2. Veal Shanks $10
  3. Sheep Ears 125gr $10
  4. Venison Ears $10
  5. Wags (lambs tail) $10
  6. Chewies $10
  7. Beef Jerky $12
  8. Spare Ribs 125gr $10, 200rg $12
  9. Venison Tendons 100gr $9
  10. Rib Racks 150gr $9
  11. Lamb Puffs (lung) 85gr $10
  12. Venison Puffs (lung) 85gr $8
  13. Venison Liver 125gr $10

*please note price changes based on new packaging now in store. 
Various Treats at EAP

Our goal is to provide a variety of treats that are as close to organic as possible, healthy, free of coloring, fake flavors and other yucky things you often find in cheap snacks. 

We source everything from cookies, fish skin, chew sticks, supplement treats, and our very own dehydrated range prepared on site from human grade ingredients. These include our best seller Chicken Jerky!
Available for Purchase
  1. Deer Antler Chews sm $16, med $28 
  2. Cod Supreme - Cod Rolls $6
  3. Cod Supreme - Salmon Rolls $6
  4. Cod Supreme - Cod Sticks $
  5. EAP Chicken Jerky 100gr $6
  6. EAP Chicken Jerky 200gr $10
  7. EAP Buffalo Jerky $7 
  8. EAP Dehydrated Salmon Drops $5
  9. Parma Ham Bone (spain) $8
  10. Bok Bok Giant Chew Sticks $1           (Salmon, Bone, Liver, Tuna)
  11. Stella & Chewy's Carnivore Crunch (chicken, duck, turkey) $13
  12. Fruitables Greek Yogurt Crunchy Cookies (coconut, strawberry, vanilla) $9
  13. Wellness grain Free Kittles treats     2 oz $9
    1. Cranberry Whitefish
    2. Cranberry Tuna
    3. Cranberry Turkey
  14. Real Meat Cat Jerky 3 Oz (Lamb, Chicken/Venison) $9
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